1/2 Hog

Exceptional pork flavor from being raised on pasture instead of typical commercial type feeding systems.

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½ Hog

  • $2.25/lb. for hanging weight plus processing cost paid directly to the processor
  • Hanging weight is approximately 72% of the live weight; typically, our hog have a hanging weight of 180 – 250 lbs. so half will be 90 – 125 lbs.
  • We typically use C&B Meat Market in Milledgeville, GA for pork processing
  • The pork is custom cut & wrapped to your specifications and will require approximately 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space
  • We typically have pork available in early summer and then in late summer & early fall of each year
  • Required deposit: $50.00
  • Please call Harlan at (678) 848-4055 to discuss our schedule and availability –
  • or enter your contact information below and we will contact you


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