About Us

FARMING is Our Passion

Rocking A Farm was established in 2010 and is located on 160 acres in Washington County, Georgia between Sandersville and Milledgeville. The farm was founded by Harlan and Lori Archer, and its mission is to provide seasonal fruits and vegetables, free-range/grass fed meat and dairy products, and educational seminars concerning diverse farm practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our Story

“Traditions from many generations of Georgia homesteaders”

Harlan and Lori are both retired from non-farm professional careers, but are descendants from many generations of Georgia homesteaders. Harlan grew up farming in Baldwin County, but after graduating college at GCSU, he obtained employment in the kaolin industry in Washington County. Harlan enjoyed his thirty years in the mining industry, but his passion has always been farming. After retiring as a mining executive in late 2019, Harlan is directing his energies toward the further development of Rocking A Farm.

Similarly, Lori grew up on her family’s cattle farm in Washington County. In fact, her family has had continuous ownership of their farm since the early 1820’s, and Rocking A Farm adjoins her family’s land. Also like Harlan, Lori left the farm after college and had a career as a retail pharmacist, but her passion has always been homesteading: being a mother and grandmother, cooking, gardening, and caring for any type of animal or livestock. So, the owners of Rocking A Farm are now retired from their professional careers, and really ENJOYING working Rocking A Farm as a second career.


Our vison is to become a farm destination that would…

1. Allow customers to purchase all natural fresh, local foods

Providing seasonal produce, dairy, and meat from the farm.

2. Provide series of educational seminars

Gardening, canning and food preservation, milking the family cow and cheese making, as well as livestock management seminars

3. Allow customers to experience “living on the farm”

In 2021, renovations started on the farm’s 1923 farm house which will house a commercial kitchen for its cottage business and also to become a venue for groups to learn homesteading skills (soap making, jelly making, gardening skills, etc.). The house is especially important to Rocking A Farm since it was built by Lori’s great uncle and is also the home that Lori’s father was born in.