History of Rocking A Farm

Feb 14, 2024 | Farm News

Located at 1685 Wiggins Road in Washington County, Georgia, Rocking A Farm was once the 110 acre farm of William Watkins Wiggins.  Watkins built a house and barn there and later sold the place to his younger brother (my grandfather), Jordan Aylesbury Wiggins, who lived there from c1928 until 1942. The land was sold to the Harrises and remained in that family until 2008, when we purchased it. The barn was the first building to be restored and now houses the milking stanchion.  New fences were put in to contain our small group of cattle and to keep deer out of our garden and orchard. Next, the old shop was remade to house a tractor and workshop for Harlan. A hog pasture was enclosed so we could expand our meat supply to include pork.
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Rocking A Farm

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