Other Farm Products

Milk, Eggs,
Soaps, &
Seasonal Produce



Our Jersey cow, Dorothy, is from New Zealand stock and is genetically tested for A2/A2 milk. We have limited quantities available when she is in milk. Customers may buy gallon containers from us or bring their own.
Pet Food Grade means the milk is not Grade A.



Our flock of hens is an assortment of purebreds and crosses. We free-range them on our farm so they can work for us as big-catchers, mice and snake removers, and manure spreaders. They are entertaining as well as useful. The eggs have richly colored, dark yellow yolks due to their diverse diet.

Homemade Soaps

In the tradition of Lori’s grandmother, Dovie Barksdale Wiggins, Lori makes soaps from home-rendered lards and tallows. Using these sustainable fats, along with lye and cow’s milk, vegetable purées, and essential oils, makes soap bars that are gentle on skin, hair, dishes and laundry.

Fresh Produce

At Rocking A Farm, we garden from February until November, which allows us to eat seasonal and fresh produce most of the year. We plant a variety of vegetables, some of which are unusual and never seen in grocery stores. The fruit orchard provides blueberries, pears, figs and muscadine grapes.
Though we are not certified organic or naturally grown, we never use harmful pesticides or herbicides in our garden or orchard.

We sell as “pick your own” basket at the farm.